All in Perspective

Well, it’s my last day in Tucson. I’m writing this post from the airport as I wait for my flight back to California. Looking back this summer seemed to go by so fast, but at the same time I feel as if I have been out here for such a long time. I suppose that’s […]

Keeping Busy in Tucson

The eight weeks of this program are coming to an end, and they really have gone by fast. The rest of the students here in Tucson and I have had plenty to keep us busy. Obviously, work keeps us occupied during the week, but there has been no shortage of things to do on the […]

A Week in the Desert

Well, it’s been a full week since my plane landed here in Tucson, but it hardly feels like I’ve been here long at all. The first few days were spent getting settled in, both in our research at the university and in our rooms where we are staying. All of the people we are working […]

First Day in Tucson

Just landed in Tucson, and I’m trying to get settled before the work starts tomorrow. Even though I was the last one to get out here, I still don’t feel entirely prepared. I know that I probably did leave something at home that I haven’t realized yet, but that was bound to happen. Besides, it’s […]