Potential Grad Advisors

This is not the post I had intended to put up first after being away awhile; however given the timing, I want this available for CAMPARE students as some of you are going into your grad school applications in this or future years. What is common sense to some isn’t to others, so if this […]

Beyond the Hard Science, part 1

A recent experience has brought to my attention something that is often either overlooked or not spent time on. The mother of a friend of mine died, Dr. Judith Young, a prominent scientist in astronomy and astrophysics and who was in turn the daughter of a woman who never let barriers keep her from becoming […]

Today I learned…

…the importance of different lighting angles for mapping planetary surfaces. It’s not that I didn’t know this before, but today I feel it in my bones. “Why,” you ask? So Tuesday evening I was feeling really good about my progress. I completely compiled the appropriate images and mapped the skyline of a limb image onto […]

To infinity…and beyond!

LPSC has an option for uploading your poster for access, so now both the abstract and presented poster appear! Abstract: Poster:

The down side is that with all I’ve learned, I’d really like to update some of what is written. It makes me wonder how scientists feel and deal with older research […]

Science turned poet/Planetary Descriptions/written in Haiku

So yeah, that’s a thing. The first day it kept coming up that some of the talks had descriptions written as haikus. It was pretty epic, so I thought I’d do a hat’s off for that.

So I had that interview – it was a lot of fun, and overall pretty casual. I’ll get an […]

version 2.0 and LPSC Day 3…wait just day 3?

Oh my, so perhaps this won’t be as thorough as I’d like, being as it’s already very late. First off, I’m just going to add to the list I started the other day.

6) (revised) Networking and interacting > talks/presentations.

7) Ask good questions. People remember someone who asks good questions better than conversations. One […]

Tired is a choice…tired is a choice…

Making my way through day 2…and boy does that sounds so inaccurate. Haven’t I been gone a week? Busy morning with watching the icy moons talks. Best of all, I met up with my mentor, Dr. Cynthia Phillips – we got to chat a bit more about me getting to continue working on the Mars […]

Small world just got smaller

First off, I am really thankful for the planetary science community being so incredibly welcoming and kind. Second, there’s gotta be some sort of training for going up and starting a conversation/engaging with people you’ve never really interacted with before. Third, awesome people are awesome, and taking the risk can truly lead to some incredible […]

Poster Presentations

I am at my third conference for this research now, the first being American Geophysical Union Fall 2012 Meeting, the second the American Astronomical Society’s 221st Meeting, and now Lunar and Planetary Science Conference. I hope to come back and comment on the two earlier once, particularly since they were someone outside the general trend […]

Part 3

Now for the time-line and extra stuff I got to do. In reading, you’ll probably understand the reason for doing these updates after I got back. When I discovered my data was not reliable, I wasn’t ready to post about it; I wanted to be able have some information about what I was pursuing to […]