Solar Eclipse: A Mini Side Project

In my last blog post I mentioned that I got my program to work to read in the gain amplitudes of the antennas. Since then I wrote more code to determine the system temperature of each antenna. This is done in reference to the source flux of the object we are examining in the sky, […]

Radio Telescope Programming — Quite fun!

We are in the middle of our seventh week here at SETI and it has been a ride so far. It was a bit sluggish getting back into the groove of things after a great week at Lassen and Hat Creek, but work is work and has to get done. Last week was focused on […]

Hat Creek Radio Observatory and Lassen Volcanic National Park

Last week the SETI group took a week long field trip to Hat Creek Radio Observatory in Hat Creek, CA, approximately five hours north of Mountain View, or 2.5 hours south of Oregon state line. The week was absolutely amazing! We arrived last Sunday in two vans. I was in one van and it was […]

Lick Observatory: High in the Sky

Business has been carrying on as usual at the SETI Institute. This past week I have been working on a a combination of python and miriad programs which attempt to read and print out the gains between telescopes of the Allen Telescope Array and i had been preparing for my paper presentation on the blazar […]

SETIcon II: Where Science and Imagination Meet

The past few days have been really exciting. Last Friday I and a couple others went to San Francisco’s Mission District to meet up with my sisters who drove up from LA and to check out the murals. The Mission District is really the East LA of the north, everywhere I looked i saw walls […]

Adventures in the North: ARC, Robots, San Fran & more!

I’m nearing the end of week 2 and it seems like time is moving on quite quickly. This weekend means I’m 1/5 of the way done! Wow! :0

So this week has been pretty cool at SETI. My mentor Gerry Harp, who is now the new director of the SETI Institute, met me on Monday […]

The Search for a Meteorite: A Grand Success!

The first weekend of the first week had interesting surprises. On Friday a few of us went to downtown Mountain View for dinner. We ate at a Greek restaurant and i had vegetarian lasagna. It was delicious

L->R: Jason, Me, Ian, and Heather enjoying dinner

On Saturday morning i went out for a […]

End of Week 1 at SETI and NASA ARC

The end of week 1 is almost here. So far it’s been an interesting week filled with various talks from various scientists and astronomers. On Tuesday at NASA Ames Research Center David Morrison gave a talk about objects on space that could be potentially hazardous to space and broke down the real and imagined parts, […]

The SETI Institute: The Start of My Search for Aliens

Today marks my second day here in Mountain View, CA which is located near by San Jose. Yesterday I drove up with my parents who wanted to check out the facilities, my work and send me off for the summer. I left early in the morning, arrived in the afternoon, checked into the NASA Ames […]