Ending Day 4

Following up on my previous post, Brian did enjoy his free donut, and has now begun the countdown for next Thursday. As for me, today I got to program something with a person in our team to get familiar with the programs they use to analyze the data, and I can honestly say that I […]

Starting day 4

So it’s just me and Brian in the office, and he is impatiently awaiting the arrival of the donuts! I will update on the donuts situation once they arrive. Now back to work.

Third day at Caltech/JPL

Today was a great and productive day, and I also got to meet my mentor!!! she is really awesome and I am looking forward to work with her and the team on several projects that they have coming up. We will be analyzing data and infrared images from WISE to study comets and asteroids. But […]

First day at The Lab

Today was our (Alec, Brian, and myself) first day at JPL, met a lot of great people at orientation, and learned about fascinating projects that are going on right now. After orientation Brian and I headed to Calthech, where we will be mainly be working, and got to meet some of the people on my […]