Work, work.

Well, not a lot has been happening really, other than just working. I played a bit of Frisbee with my roommate and a couple other people. There are interesting talks at AMES on tuesday, and at SETI on wednesday. I haven’t been going to the ones at AMES because they are usually not on topics […]

I have returned…

Well, to the blog at least. Adun Toridas! My references aren’t all that cool.

So, I haven’t posted in a while, but that’s because I have been so busy doing so much stuff. For the last week I have been staying at the Hat Creek Observatory. We left and arrived on Sunday. As always, traveling […]

Back in Black

Actually, my undershirt is black today, and my dress shirt is grey. I haven’t written in a while, but I’ve been busy learning some interesting things about Blazars. Since I have no past knowledge about astrololology or astronomy either, I mix the two up. Luckily my good friend Mr. Durbin doesn’t seem to mind, and […]

Swing and a Missed a day of work.

Someone tried to poison me! Well not really. My milk went bad a week early before the expiration date. So I got sick.

And all my food is gone. The loaf of bread I had also went bad. Biology is annoying. I get sick and I need to eat? That sucks.

Week end!

Over the weekend I finally set up my desktop in the nook under the TV cupboard. I thought we were going to have desks, but I guess I was mistaken. Anyways, I set it up only to find out steam needs me to log in before it’ll let me play any of the games I […]

Good Morning, Friday

So, yesterday Aaron and I finished the code we needed to finish by the end of the week or so, and now all we have to do today is clean it up. And of course go to all of the cool meetings. Feels good to have gotten that code to finally work right, and cleaning […]

Another day, Another Dent

Just making more dents in the program. Aaron and I are nearly done. He is a great programmer, I’m happy to work with him. Not much else to say. There was a baseball game, but I didn’t bother going. I’d rather code. Plus I met another guy here working on some other stuff that I […]

Day 2: The Sequal

Well, I asked my friend to give me a quick run down o some tutorials I should do yesterday, and I did. I think I understand the basics of java pretty well now, not too tough. But I am not doing basics! But luckily, there are plenty of other tutorials and guides online. And plenty […]

Dawn of the First Day, 1680 hours remaining!

So, I woke up, took a shower, got dressed and went off into the world of SETI! I completed my tutorial quests, gaining a badge of access to where I live, and one for where I work. I also have a lanyard! Woo!

Gerry is off in a far away land, so once I was […]