The donuts have arrived

Began diving more deeply into the WISE data and its cataloging schemes. I came up with some sample lists of criteria to find some proper motion objects. I combined the WISE data with the Two Micron All-Sky Survey (2MASS) so that I could have a comparison in the infrared range and to have a larger […]

JPL Day 3 and 12 more hours till donut time

Alec didnt feel like doing a post today. So im filling in for him. He had a busy day today and was getting ready for his new interns that hes going to help next week. He had a lot of reading to do and im not sure what he had for lunch today but mario […]

Free Donuts on Thursday

This weekend has been a weekend no longer or shorter than those before it and Monday finally came around. Today my roomies and I finally made our way to “The Lab” and met many of the other interns while snacking over free breakfast and waiting for our orientation to start. Most of my work is […]