Sulfur Works

Jason and Kathryn

SETI took the entire REU crew to sulfur works near Lassen National Park.

Lava rock once filled the entire area but has been eaten away by the sulfuric acid. The sulfuric acid has been linked to the high temperatures formed by the sulfur dioxide released from the magma body that fires […]

Lassen Volcanic National Park

Jason and Sarah at the top of Cinder Cone (Lassen National Park)


California Lassen Volcanic National Park is located in northern California 1hr north of hat Creek.

Established on August 9, 1916, the continuous volcano activity from the Cinder Cone helps create the colors of the Dunes below.


Jason at Cinder […]

Allen Telescope Array & fun florescent rocks

L to R Abbey Nastan, Allyn “The Durbs” Durin, Kathryn Steakley, Jason AlonzoCollecting Data from the ATA antennas

The ATA (Hat Creek) trip was an amazing week one journey. Dr. Gerry Hard allowed the students to used the ATA to collect data in order to understand the type of signal processing SETI work on. […]

Lick Observatory University of California

The SETI group planned a wonderful trip to the Lick Observatory. We were given a VIP tour of the facilities through the mechanic of the amazing telescopes.

Automatic Planet Finder (APF) Telescope –>The APF is the newest telescope at the Lick Observatory. The fully robotic 2.4meter reflector telescope will be entirely dedicated to the search […]

Lab Partner–> Aurelien Fresneau from France

Aurelien Fresneau is my lab partner from France that will also be collecting data for the OREOCUBE project. He grew up in France and is currently attending Leiden University in the Netherlands. The OREOCUBE will be his final internship to complete his Bachelor degree in Engineering. Working with Pascale Ehrenfreund from European Space Agency (ESA), […]


SETIcon II was an amazing convention that was held June 22-24. The event consisted of SETI research scientist and science fiction actors interacting with the science community. The event was held close to the NASA Ames Lodge, in Santa Clara (CA) at the Hyatt hotel. There were many events held such as the geodome(planetarium), fireside […]

Meteorite FOUND!!!!! w/ Discovery Channel Canada

On Sunday 6/17 the SETI team volunteered at Sutter’s Mill’s Gold Country and the search team found its first meteorite fragment within the first hour. YES!!!!!!! The Discovery Channel Canada was on site to film a documentary of this rare occasion. Luckily we gave the Discovery Channel what they were looking for, a real fragment […]

Camp Ground

Sunday, 6/17/12 The SETI group arrived at the Camp grounds to help search for the fragments of the meteor. The grounds had an outstanding view to the water and the night shy for star gazing. We were all ready to find a fragment to help Research Scientist Peter Jenniskens in is experiments at SETI.

Peter Jenniskens Meteorite fall

Peter Jenniskens ( research scientist at the SETI Institue) gave presentation on in titled “The Sutter’s Mill Meteorite fall in California Gold Country on 22 April 2012”. The event that took place on April 22, was a extremely rare event and also exciting for the SETI institute because the meteorite fall took place nearby. This […]

SETI Team at GIANTS Game

After a long day of working with orientation paper works, conferences, tours around the facilities, and walk through of the lab training the SETI group decided to watch the MLB game. The park was amazing from the people that attended the game to the scenery around the park. The park was overlooking the SF Bay […]