Well, I haven’t blogged in a couple weeks. Since my last blog post I went up observing a twice. Once at the MMT and once at the Kuiper. I also had a birthday which was fun, I was up observing the night before at the MMT , I can’t think of anything cooler that I […]

First Observing Run was Amazing!

I got back from my two night observing run up on Kitt Peak two days ago and it was seriously amazing. Remington and I got to look through the eye piece of the 90 in. Bok telescope at Saturn. It looked kind of like a little glow in the dark sticker. It didn’t even look […]

First Observing Run!!!

Today Remington and myself will be making our first observing run! We will be going up to Kitt Peak and I will be taking some spectroscopy measurements of supernovae. I am really excited to be taking data. I beter make sure that I remember all the data reduction techniques using IRAF (Image Reduction and Analysis […]

First Meeting

Today Remington and I meet with our mentor Dr. Nathan Smith for the first time. He informed us about the projects that we would be working on. My topic is supernova photometry which I am very excited about. Tonight I’m going to work on getting familiar with IRAF.

Finally Settled!

Arrived to Tucson yesterday, after a 6 1/2 hour drive. I was so tired I slept from 5pm to 6 am this morning. Finally unpacked and bought groceries so I feel like I’m pretty much settled in. Tomorrow is our first meeting and I’m really excited to get started on my project.