Brilliant Observations

So after careful manipulations of the CO maps that I created I believe I can explain what I have been seeing. With the aid of numerous amounts of plots characterized by either slightly different velocity ranges, color schemes, and temperature scales I managed to categorize the intriguing filament structures that are consistent within the cloud. […]

Good Times..

So Clint, Hector, and I decided to go bowling last night… brilliant idea. It was late night and cheap which made it even sweeter! And of course we got some pizza which was delicious, you always got to have pizza. We also showed Hector the ways of our curved bowling. He made us proud towards […]

Houston we had a problem!!

So the past week has been the low point in my summer research. My computer managed to get hacked as a result of a domino effect and brought down the entire Steward network! That’s pretty intense (like camping) stuff! So its been in quarantine since then being de-bugged and put back together by the cool […]


Nothing beats having some pizza for lunch and hanging in the office listening to pandora. Of course we are getting work done, which is pretty exciting to see some results! It’s nice having an office buddy. Now back to making some sense of all this data.

Computer Updates

Oh yeah! In the office, which is cool to say I have an office, and my computer is all ready to go! After some complications with different versions of software I am ready to make some awesome images. Processing here we come.