Viewing the Past in the Present

Howdy Astro-gang,

During one of the nights that we were observing through the 90-inch telescope, Don took some B-E-A-UTIFUL pictures of the Saturn nebula and Saturn. I say these are “pictures from the past” because the light that is being collected by the telescope may be thousands of years old or millions of years old […]

Discovering the Classification of a Supernova

Hey there Astro-gang,

The very first night that we were at Kitt Peak for the advanced camp, John Moustakas, a former camper and second post doc, had received a notification stating that there was a possible supernova candidate that was detected and since we had the 90-inch telescope that night, John and Brandon (grad student […]

Pima Air and Space Museum Visit

Howdy Astro-gang,

On a couple of occasions I got to visit the Pima Air and Space Museum which is one of the largest air and space museums in the world. With in its boundaries, the museum contains more than 300 aircraft which includes President Johnson’s Air Force One and B-52’s among other planes. Two of […]

Observing Through the 90-inch Bok Telescope

Greetings Astro-Gang,

While I was up at Kitt Peak, I had the chance to use multiple telescopes but the biggest telescope that I observed through was the 90-inch telescope where I saw objects from planetary nebulae such as the Cat’s Eye Nebula to galaxies such as the Whirlpool Galaxy (M51) where a supernova was detected […]

Watching the Sunset

Howdy Astro-Gang!!!

On several occasions we had the opportunity to see the sunset through the McMath-Pierce telescope which is the largest solar telescope in the world!!! As we wathced the sunset we could actually see tiny airplanes flying through that part of the sky which would appear to create a “sun flare” as the airplane […]

Greetings from Tucson!!!

Hey there Astro Gang!!!

It was my first day in Tucson and I toured the University of Arizona a bit and I met with the professors that I will be working with this summer. I leave tomorrow for Beginning Teen Camp so I will keep you posted throughout the week so you can have a […]