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Young’s Modulus (ME-R-YM)

Young’s Modulus (ME-R-YM)

Demonstrates elasticity of wire and the elastic limit.


  1.  Tall lab stand
  2.  Expansion scale w/ clamp & pointer   
  3.  Hook clamp
  4.  Iron wire–28 gauge (black annealed)
  5.  Parallel clamp
  6.  Pulley
  7.  Two small blocks of wood
  8.  Two 90° clamps
  9.  Five 1 kg slotted masses
10.  Large weight hanger
11.  Goggles

   (Store wood blocks & pointer in plastic bag attached to clamp on side)

  • Description

    Product Description


    1.  Set up as shown with lab stand extending over cart (pulley end should not be extended much).
    2.  Attach one end of wire securely to hook clamp, run it over scale pointer & pulley, and attach far end of wire to weight hanger.
    3.   Add masses on weight hanger noting amount of stretch in wire.
    4.  If you continue adding mass until elastic limit is passed, wire stretches beyond its limit of return.

          Caution:  The wire may break.
                    Protect your eyes and your toes!