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Walking the Spool (ME-K-WS)

Walking the Spool (ME-K-WS)

A cord wrapped around the spool is pulled at various angles to cause the spool to move forward or back.


1.  Large cardboard spool w/ attached rope

  • Description

    Product Description


    1.  Pull the rope at a slightly elevated angle      and note the direction in which the spool rolls.
    2.  Rewind the rope and pull it at a steeply      elevated angle and note the direction in      which the spool rolls.
    3.  Pull at an angle somewhere between the first two and the spool will slide across the floor.

    •At a shallow angle the spool rolls toward you–the center of mass is above the rope.  At a steep angle the spool rolls away from you–the center of mass is below the rope.