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Vibrating Soap Film (OP-A-VS)

Vibrating Soap Film (OP-A-VS)

Soap film is vibrated to produce standing waves.


  1.  Pasco mechanical vibrator
  2.  Strobe light
  3.  Pasco function generator
  4.  Plexiglas circular tray
  5.  Hoop w/ 3 wires & banana plug
  6.  Soap bubble solution
  7.  2 BB leads
  8.  Lab stand
  9.  90° clamp
10.  Short metal rod

  • Description

    Product Description


    1.  Set up apparatus as shown.
    2.  Pour soap solution into tray.  Lower rod & vibrator until the hoop is in the soap solution.
    3.  Raise rod back up and  make sure there is a soap bubble across hoop.  With amplitude set to low, turn on the function generator.
    4.  Vary the frequency and look for a standing wave to develop across the bubble.  Set the strobe to match the frequency to make the pattern appear to stand still.

    Note – use only for small groups