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Vibrating Circular Wire, OHP (MP-A-VC)

Vibrating Circular Wire, OHP (MP-A-VC)

Demonstrates wave mechanics by producing standing waves on a loop of wire.


1.  Pasco function generator
2.  Pasco mechanical vibrator
3.  Circular wire
4.  2 B-B leads
5.  Overhead Projector (check if in room)

  • Description

    Product Description


    1.  Connect as shown.  Position the vibrator so that the circular wire rests on the overhead projector table and can be seen completely.
    2.  Set the function generator amplitude to not more that half scale before turning on.
    3.  Adjust t he generator frequency scale until you find a 3 node resonance.  (approx. 20 Hz)
    4.  Try other frequencies to obtain various  resonances.  (Try 60, 100, & 140 Hz)