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Sunset Effect, OHP (OP-F-SO)

Sunset Effect, OHP (OP-F-SO)

Creates a simulated sunset on the overhead screen.


1.  1000 ml beaker
2.  Photo fixer solution–6g per 800ml water
3.  Bottle of 6M sulfuric acid (CAUTION)
4.  Overhead mask (file folder) w/ cut outs
5.  Eyedropper
6.  Stirring rod (store all in box)
7.  Large polarizer (from polarizer set box)
8.  Overhead projector (check if in room)

      Approx. 4 min. demo at 72°

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  • Description

    Product Description


    1.  Place the mask & cut outs on the overhead.
    2.  Pour the photo fixer into the beaker and place the beaker over the hole in the mask.
    3.  Fill the eyedropper (~3 ml) w/ acid & acid drop by drop while stirring.  ‘Watch the sun go down.
    4,  Use polarizer to show scattered light is polarized.