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Static Vs. Kinetic Inclined Plane (ME-K-SK)

Static Vs. Kinetic Inclined Plane (ME-K-SK)

Uses an incline plane to show that static friction is larger than kinetic friction.


1.  Black metal inclined plane
2.  Friction box with string
3.  1 Kg hooked mass
4.  Combined 1250 g of slotted masses (Use various sizes-500, 200, 50 etc.)

Needs enough mass in cart that it can be made to sit still.

  • Description

    Product Description


    1.  Set the inclined plane to a 32° angle*.
    2.  Place the slotted weights in the box and place the string over the pulley.
    3. Hook the 1 kg mass onto the end of the string. The masses will not move because of static friction.
    4.  Tap the inclined plane to start the motion of the box up the ramp.

    *Angle may need to be adjusted slightly to get the box to not slide until ramp is tapped.