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State Equilibrium Balls (ME-K-SE)

State Equilibrium Balls (ME-K-SE)

Demonstrates static equilibrium with two balls that seem to defy gravity on an incline.


1.  2” steel ball
2.  Super ball (slightly smaller than 2”)

The balls are supported against rolling, only if the upper has the greater product of mass and diameter.

  • Description

    Product Description


    1.  Hold each ball separately in your hand and lean the hand so the fingertips are below the palm.  Note how easily each ball rolls off as you increase the angle.  Note the relative diameter and mass of each.
    2.  Place the balls together on your palm as shown in step 3; superball above the steel.  Note they still roll off easily.
    3.  Now place the superball below the steel. Gradually tilt your hand.