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Poisson’s/Arago’s Spot (OP-C-PS)

Poisson’s/Arago’s Spot (OP-C-PS)

Poisson’s or Arago’s spot shows a bright spot of light in the center of the shadow due to diffraction of the light waves.


1. Spectra Physics 248 high-powered laser & power supply strapped to white board w/ magnet strip
2.  Black plastic lab jack
3. 18 mm lens & steel lens holder (from black interferometer kit if not there).
4.  Special can w/ magnets & ball bearings
5.  Lab jack

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  • Description

    Product Description


    1.  Set up as shown w/ the laser supported by one lab jack & the lens & magnetic holder in front of the laser.
    2.  Turn on the laser and the lens spreads the beam.  Aim it at the wall.
    3.  Position the can on the second lab jack so that the ball bearing on the nail inside the can is in the center of the beam.
    4.  Notice the small spot of light in the center of the bearing’s shadow on the wall.

    Note: Good for smaller classes