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Pasco Dynamics Carts (ME-H-PD)

Pasco Dynamics Carts (ME-H-PD)

Demonstrates Newton’s Third Law.

1.  Pasco dynamics carts (red & blue) (blue w/ 2 mass bars, red without)
2.  1 extra mass bar (as used w/ the carts)
3.  Pasco scientific track (hangs on screw)
4.  Small orange-red construction cone

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    Product Description


    1.  Balance the track at mid point on the extra mass bar.  The cone can be positioned by it as a clearly seen midpoint marker.
    2.  Push the spring-loaded “ram” of one cart  inside of it and lock it in position.
    3.   Place that cart behind the other cart (neither cart has masses yet) so they just touch, with the “ram” in between.
    4.  Tap the “ram” release button to send the two carts in opposite directions.  Observe the track stays balanced as the carts travel.
    5.  Add masses to one cart and repeat.  The track will stay balanced.