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Optical Communication (MP-A-OC)

Optical Communication (MP-A-OC)

Demonstrates transmission of sound in the form of light waves.


1.  Radio or tape player with tape
2.  LED on plexiglas plate
3.  Thermopile on plexiglas plate
4.  Amplifier speaker box
5.  Remote
6.  Lumirod
7.  9V battery

  • Description

    Product Description


    1.  Connect equipment as shown.  Preset radio on a station or put audio tape in tape player.
    2.  Align the LED and photocell as shown.
    3.  Listen for sound on amplifier speaker.
    4.  Move the thermopile back & forth and hear the signal come and go.    


    1.  Hold the speaker & thermopile in line w/ a remote, press a button, & hear its signal.
    2.  Use the lumirod to carry the light signal from the LED to the thermopile.