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Open & Closed Air Columns (OW-D-OC)

Open & Closed Air Columns (OW-D-OC)

Demonstrates the resonant length of an open air column and of a closed air column for the same frequency.


1.  Special set of resonant tubes:
PVC open-end approx. 12” long
PVC closed-end approx 6” long
2.  2  two-finger clamps
3.  Lab stand
4.  Plastic graduated cylinder
5.  Tuning fork (C-512) and striker
6.  Half-liter bottle of water
7.  Food tray

  • Description

    Product Description


    1.  Hold a vibrating 512 tuning fork over the open-end PVC tube.  Notice resonance.
    2.  Hold the fork over the PVC closed-end tube (it is 1/2 the length of the open tube).
    3.  Place graduated cylinder on tray (to catch overflow) and fill it with water.
    4. Make open-end column closed-end by immersing lower end in cylinder of water.  Move column down until it again resonates.  Note length of column.  (Can also show the grad. cylinder, which is the same height as the closed air column, will resonate with the 512 when empty.)