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Newtonian Egg Drop (ME-F-NE)

Newtonian Egg Drop (ME-F-NE)

Demonstrates the inertia of stationary objects.


1.  3 tall 1000 ml beakers (IDENTICAL)
2.  3 short PVC tubes
3.  3 rubber balls (or eggs)
4.  Pizza pan
5.  Special blue tray  (marked for locations)
6.  Rubber mallet
7.  1 gal container of water

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  • Description

    Product Description


    1.  Carefully arrange the beakers on marked tray and fill each with approx. 800 ml of water (optional).  Center the pizza pan on top.
    2.  Align the tubes so that each is centered over one of the beakers (pizza pan is marked).
    3.  Place the balls (or eggs) atop of each tube.
    4.  Do a final check from each side for center alignment of the tubes over the beakers.
    5.  Hit the edge of the pizza pan with the mallet so that the pan flies out horizontally and the balls drop into the beakers.

    <—- Hit that way <—-