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Lissajous Figures (OW-A-LF)

Lissajous Figures (OW-A-LF)

Demonstrates the phase relation of sine waves on perpendicular axes.


1.  Oscilloscope (Philips)
2.  2  HP oscillators
3.  2  DB to BNC leads

  • Description

    Product Description


    1.  Set the oscillators range dials to x100 and the amplitude dials to the middle.  Set the circular scale on each oscillator to the same number.
    2.  Set the scope as follows (settings will show on the LCD panel):
    toggle A switch to 2V
    toggle B switch to 2V
    push X-defl button
    push A/B button to B
    3.  Carefully adjust the frequency of one of the oscillators until a Lissajous figure is seen.  Adjusting the frequencies to small whole number ratios should present various Lissajous figures.