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Kinetic Theory Pasco (TH-C-KP)

Kinetic Theory Pasco (TH-C-KP)

Demonstrates fundamental principles of gas mechanics.  (Boyle’s Law, Van der Waal’s corrections & Avagadro’s Law.)


1.  Pasco mechanical vibrator
2.  Molecular motion demonstrator
3.  Function generator (Pasco PI 9598)
4.  2  B-B leads
5.  Bausch & Lomb lamp
6.  Paper screen (not shown)

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  • Description

    Product Description


    1.  Place the MMD (#2) on top of the vibrator.
    2.  Connect the vibrator to the function generator using the 2 leads.
    3.  Turn on the generator and set the output to a sine wave, amplitude near middle.
    4.  Vary the frequency up to 60-70 Hz and observe the behavior of the molecules.
    5.  Remove the pressure plate from the top and repeat step 4..

    For easy viewing, the vibrator can be shadow projected.