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Kinetic Theory Cenco (TH-D-KC)

Kinetic Theory Cenco (TH-D-KC)

Demonstrates fundamental principles of gas mechanics. (Boyle’s Law, Van der Waal’s corrections & Avagadro’s Law.)


1.  Kinetic theory apparatus
2.  Plastic pulley &  90° clamp
3.  Small weights (2-2g, 1-5g, 1-1g)

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  • Description

    Product Description


    1.  Align pulley so that the string attached to the metal slider hangs straight down into the middle of the cylinder, with the counter balance mass hanging alongside the cylinder.  The metal slider must  move up & down in the piston freely.
    2.  Turn on the apparatus & adjust speed to see the small beads push up on the piston.  The faster it goes, the harder they push on the piston.
    3.  Additional weights may be added to the top disk of piston assembly.