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Hooke’s Law II (ME-R-HO)

Hooke’s Law II (ME-R-HO)

Demonstrates properties of different spring constants of similar springs.


1.  Lab stand
2.  Two 90° clamps
3.  Two cross bars
4.  Set of five Hooke’s law springs w/ labels indicating ‘k’ values (in small box)
5.  Paper showing ‘k’ ratios
6.  Hooked masses as follows:
      2–10 g
      3– 20 g
      1– 50 g
      1– 100g


  • Description

    Product Description


    1.  Set up as shown.  Slide paper of ‘k’ ratios over lower bar.  Slide the movable pointers of each spring so all line up with the top of the paper.
    2.  Position masses below the springs as follows:
                1   k spring       10 g
                2   k  spring      20 g
                4   k  spring      40 g
                6   k  spring      60 g
              10   k  spring   100 g
    3.  After pointing out that all pointers are aligned w/ no masses on the springs, add the masses to each spring.
    4.  Reposition the bar with the k-ratio paper down to show pointers are still in line.