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Hooke’s Law Demo (ME-R-HL)

Hooke’s Law Demo (ME-R-HL)

Demonstrates properties of different spring constants of similar springs.


1.  Five springs
2.  Five 500 gram hooked masses
3.  Crossbar
4.  Lab pole
5.  90° clamp
6.  Telescope clamp/ or lab stand
7.  Wood block (to support telescope clamp)

  • Description

    Product Description


    1.  Set up experiment as shown
    2.  Note the displacement that occurs when equal masses are hung from each spring.
    3.  Start oscillating each spring.
    4.  Also note the different spring constants.

    (Spare set of springs (238–Z–3) have a different order–red, white, yellow, green, blue.  Use only if needed.)