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Harmonic Motion, Driven (OW-A-HM)

Harmonic Motion, Driven (OW-A-HM)

Demonstrates that a driven spring has amplitude only at the resonant frequency.


1.  Pasco mechanical vibrator
2.  Spring (~1cm diam–in small box)
3.  Adaptor for spring (in box w/ spring)
4.  Short rod (1 cm dia.) (in large box)
5.  Pasco function generator
6.  Small lab stand
7.  90o clamp
8.  5g weight hanger
9.  2  long B-B leads
10.  Small weights (box set) (1g, 2g, 5g)

Formerly OW-A-HM

  • Description

    Product Description


    1.  Set up equipment as shown.
    2.  Before turning it on, set function generator frequency & amplitude to zero.
    3. Turn on function generator and increase the amplitude to about 1/2 maximum.  Set the multiplier knob to 1x & slowly increase the freq. to 2 Hz.
    4.  Note that there is no motion until the resonant  frequency is reached.
    5.  Now increase the freq. past 2 Hz.  Note that again there is no motion of the spring.