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Half-Life Decay, Ba-137

Half-Life Decay, Ba-137

Demonstrates the half-life of radioactive decay as a function of time.


1.  Thornton counter
2.  Geiger tube with stand
3.  Barium ‘cow’ (minigenerator)
4.  Half-life eluant solution
5.  Planchet
6.  Stopwatch

  • Description

    Product Description


    1.  Set up as shown, connecting the Geiger tube to 450V and input terminals.
    2.  Squeeze 2-3 drops of eluant through Barium cow (may need to discard first 2 drops) onto a planchet.
    3.  Place planchet under the Geiger tube.
    4.  Use the stopwatch to time the number of counts for equal time intervals.