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Glass-Filter Absorption (OP-F-GF)

Glass-Filter Absorption (OP-F-GF)

Demonstrates the absorption of a band of color.


1.  Glass blower’s glasses
2.  File folder w/slit
3.  4″ x 4″ holographic grating in frame w/ stoppers for support
4.  Small piece fluorescent pink plastic
5.  Overhead projector (check if in room)

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    1.  Lay the folder onto the overhead w/ the slit near the middle and focus the slit on the screen.
    2.  Place the star grating over the top/front  lens of the overhead projector as shown.
    3.  You will see a continuous spectrum.
    4.  Lay one side of the glasses across the slit as shown.  Notice that the glasses absorb the yellow band, resulting in a dark line at that position in the spectrum. (Didymium glass absorbs the sodium spectra.)
    5.  Repeat w/ the piece of plastic in place of glasses.