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Exploding Gas Can (TH-F-EG)

Exploding Gas Can (TH-F-EG)

Critical mixture of natural gas and air will cause an explosion.  Critical ratio is 9 air to 1 gas.


1.   Special 1 gallon paint can
2.   Propane torch or match
3.   Natural gas

  • Description

    Product Description


    1.  Fill can with natural gas.
    2.  Set on table or floor.
    3.  Ignite the hole area of the lid.
    4.  Be sure the lid won’t hit the lights above the table.
    5.  Wait four or more minutes for the flame to get small enough to ignite the gas in the can.

    Caution:  When the flame almost shrinks away, stand back and prepare for ‘the big bang.’