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Expanding Universe Balloon (AS-C-EB)

Expanding Universe Balloon (AS-C-EB)

Demonstrates that although the universe is expanding, individual galaxies do not expand, but only move farther apart.


1.  Air / Vacuum pump
2.  Hose w/ copper tubing and stopper
3.  Large balloon (red–in plastic bag)
4.  Color code dots (green)

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  • Description

    Product Description


    1.  Attach the hose to the air side of the pump.
    2.  Pull the neck of the balloon  over the rubber stopper and hold it on as you turn on the air pump.
    3.  When the balloon is blown up to about 18-20 inch diameter, randomly stick green dots about an inch apart on one area of the balloon.
    4.  Begin to let the air out of the balloon and see that only the distance between the dots      (galaxies) is changing.