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Entropy of Mixer (TH-F-EM)

Entropy of Mixer (TH-F-EM)

Show an increase in entropy as two colored solutions mix, and that it is an irreversible process.


1.  Erlenmeyer flask — 500 ml
2.  Small funnel w/ flexible tube & glass  capillary tube attachment
3.  Beaker — 400 ml
4.  Food coloring
5.  Salt
6.  Stirring rod

Note–check to see if solutions are already prepared in box at 241A–F–2

  • Description

    Product Description


    1.  Put 300 ml of distilled water with yellow food coloring in the flask.
    2.  In the beaker combine 100 ml of hot water, a drop of blue food coloring & slowly stir in as much salt as will dissolve–around 10 g. Allow to cool.
    3.  Use funnel and attachment and slowly pour the cooled blue salt water into the bottom of the flask.  Be careful not to shake or agitate the yellow layer.
    4.  Carefully remove the funnel & observe the color separation.
    5.  At the end of the demo shake the flask and show the irreversibility of the mixture.