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Diffusion in Air/Water (TH-D-DA)

Diffusion in Air/Water (TH-D-DA)

Demonstrates the diffusion of odors in air and a colored dye in water.


1.  Closed jar containing Pinesol (inside cardboard tube to disguise it)
2.  Large plastic jar w/ water
3.  Blue or green food coloring

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    1.  Set jar w/ water on the desk. Let all liquid motion settle down.  While waiting, open the cardboard wrapped jar.
    2.  Ask students to raise their hand as the class proceeds when they smell the chemical .
    3.  With minor disturbance, put a couple of drops of food coloring in the water and observe.

    Note–It is best to do this near the beginning of the lecture and check with students off and on during the period.