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Diffraction Bench, Pasco (OP-A-DF)

Diffraction Bench, Pasco (OP-A-DF)

Demonstrates patterns formed from varying slit width, varying slit separation, double & triple slits, as well as diffraction patterns for a dot, hole, square, & hexagon.


1.  Pasco optics bench (special track)
2.  Pasco rotating slit disks & screen (store in box)
3.  Uniphase  laser & power supply
4.  Lab pole
5.  Telescope clamp & block
6.  2 C-clamps
7.  90° clamp & 3-finger clamp
8.  Lab jack (place under laser for stabilizing)
9.  Bungee cord

(see facing page for stabilizing the laser)

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  • Description

    Product Description


    1.  Set up the laser assembly as shown.
    2.  Place the single-slit disk facing the laser and only a few centimeters from it.  Level the laser to properly align with the selected slit.  Use the C-clamps to hold the bench in position.
    3.  Turn the disk to align various slits with the laser beam.  A paper can be placed on the screen so that patterns can be reproduced and measured.
    4.  Remove the single-slit disk and mount the multiple-slit disk in its place.