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Differential Tuning Forks (OW-B-DF)

Differential Tuning Forks (OW-B-DF)

Demonstrates sympathetic resonance and beats.

1.  2  tuning forks on sound boxes
      (one with a slider attachment)
2.  Rubber hammer

       See OW-B-VB     (241A–G–2)

  • Description

    Product Description


    1.  Place the openings of the tuning fork bases toward each other approximately 4” apart.
    2.  Clamp the slider on one fork & strike both forks.
    3.  Listen for beats.  Move the slider up or down to vary number of beats per second.

    Optional:  Without a slider on either fork & with them positioned as above, strike one fork then take hold of that fork.  You should hear that the other fork has been started by the first.  You can place a small piece of *tissue on the tip of the tuning fork you are not striking.  The paper vibrates off!