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Differential Sound Demo II (OW-B-DT)

Differential Sound Demo II (OW-B-DT)

Demonstrates beats both audibly and visibly.


1.  Oscilloscope (Philips)
2.  2 HP 204C oscillators
3.  2 Pasco speakers
4.  2 BNC  to  DB leads

  • Description

    Product Description


    1.  Connect the equipment as shown below.
    2.  Set the oscillators to nearly identical amplitudes & frequencies.  (Try 800Hz)
    3.  Push the A/B scope button until the read-out shows ‘A’  on the top left.  Set the scope for the A wave (try 50 mV & 0.2 ms)
    4.  Push the A/B button again until the read-out shows only ‘B’ on the top left side.  Set the scope as in step 3.
    5.  Push the A/B button until both ‘A’ & ‘B’ show.  Push the add/invert button until  ‘ADD’ appears.  Fine adjust waves to same height  by adjusting B’ oscillator’s amplitude.