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Comparing Masses (ME-A-CM)

Comparing Masses (ME-A-CM)

A fun demo testing your ability to guess which object is the heaviest.


1. ‘Comparing Masses’ Set of bottles and balls
2. 1000 g spring scale

Approx. weights:
Small shot: 15 g
Small pill canister: 125 g
Large Pill Canister: 500 g
Large Bouncy Ball: 60 g
Large shot: 220 g
white ball: 75 g
medium shot: 40 g
Bottle of water: 495 g

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  • Description

    Product Description


    1. Pass the bottles to students to have them mentally compare their weights.
    2. Pass the three balls to various students to compare their weights and guess which is heavier.
    3. Using the spring scale, weigh each item.