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Color Mixing (OP-F-CM)

Color Mixing (OP-F-CM)

Demonstrates that white light is obtained by mixing red, blue, and green light.


1.  Three colored lights  (blue, red, green) (store in box)
2.  Screen or wall (if necessary)
3.  Plug strip

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  • Description

    Product Description


    1.  Turn on the lights, aiming each beam at the same spot on the wall or screen.  You should see white light resulting from the three light combination.
    2.  If light is not quite white, adjust each light intensity, or vary the distance of the individual lights from the screen.
    3.  Put your hand, meter stick, or some object in white light area & observe colored shadows.  Each shadow is composed of two primaries.  For example, if red is blocked the shadow is a combination of blue and green.