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Cloud Chamber (MP-D-CC)

Cloud Chamber (MP-D-CC)

Visible radioactivity tracks are seen when light shines across the cooled alcohol surface.


1.  Cloud chamber apparatus
2.  Funnel & squirt bottle
3.  Ethanol 90% (1 liter)
4. 212 mL ETOH 50 mL H20 Anti-fog solution & cloth
5.  Black elastic ‘skirt’
6.  Big Foot door stops
7.  35 mm projector
8.  Telephone book  (for height adjustment)
9.  Dry ice — to make – need:  CO2 tank, Dry ice machine
(directions for making dry ice are in back of ‘Equip. Locat.” man.)

Option — radioactive sources         


  • Description

    Product Description


    1.  Rub all inside surfaces of chamber & lid with anti-fog solution.
    2.  Place black ‘skirt’ around lower outside perimeter of base.  Remove top chamber & cover base evenly w/ 1” layer of dry ice chunks.
    3.  Set chamber on top of dry ice & use door stops as shims to make chamber level.
    4.  Soak all felt pads inside chamber with alcohol & pour  a shallow layer of alcohol into chamber.
    5.  Align projector so that light shines just across alcohol surface.
    6.  As apparatus cools down you should see tracks of environmental radioactivity.