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Circular Polarizer (OP-H-CP)

Circular Polarizer (OP-H-CP)

Demonstrates that a linear polarizer does not cancel circularly polarized light.


1.  Polaroid computer screen cover (Labeled circular polarizer)
2.  2 square (approx. 6″) linear polarizers

(All are stored in flat box)

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  • Description

    Product Description


    1.  Place the large circular polarizer on the OHP, ‘terminal side’ upward, and focus the OHP.
    2.  Light coming through the screen is circularly polarized.  Slide a linear polarizer half way under the circular polarizer.  Place 2nd linear polarizer on top of the screen polaroid and aligned with the first linear polarizer.
    4.  Turn the top linear polarizer.  Note that the light can be blocked by the linear polarizers, but not as it comes through the circular polarizer.