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Chemical Cell (EM-E-CC)

Chemical Cell (EM-E-CC)

Demonstrates a simple and natural battery, and one of its many useful applications.


1.  Potato clock
2.  Potato
3.  Citrus fruit
4.  Special probe set (Cu / Zn ends)
5.  Fluke 75III  digital multi-meter OR large demo multi-meter


[ 3-5 –only if  requested early enough for us to supply fruit]

  • Description

    Product Description


    1.  For the clock, put the probes into each half of a potato and the clock should give a time read-out.  If it doesn’t work check if there appears to be a zinc coating still on the nails.  If so replace the probes in a slightly different spot on the potatoes.  If not, new galvanized nails are needed.
    2.  For the fruit, push the special probe ends into the fruit.  Connect the other ends to the meter and set the meter to read volts.  Take a reading.