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Brownian Motion (TH-D-BM)

Brownian Motion (TH-D-BM)

Shows the motion of smoke particles being hit by invisible air molecules.


1.  Brownian motion apparatus (in box)
2.  Stereo microscope
3.  Bausch & Lomb light source
4.  Small lab jack
5.  Matches

The microscope focusing knob is on  side front (not shown).  The knob  pictured below is the magnification  adjustment & the number next to the  red dot indicates the power.

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  • Description

    Product Description


    1.  Set up as shown, positioning the Brownian apparatus with its window facing the light source.
    2.  Make distance, d, (photo) approx. 5”. Squeeze & release bulb of Brownian apparatus to draw in smoke from a match which was lit & blown out.
    3.  Looking through microscope with lowest power (outer ring #7 aligned w/ red dot), focus & view smoke stream.  While focusing, move the knob to highest power (#25 ).  View vibratory motion of the smoke particles.