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Bromine Diffusion (TH-D-BD)

Bromine Diffusion (TH-D-BD)

Demonstrates the principle of gas diffusion.


1.  Two bromine tubes
2.  Two 2-finger clamps (connect to tubes)
3.  90° clamp
4.  Short rod
5.  White screen (not shown)
6.  Dewar of liquid nitrogen (half full)
7.  Lab stand
8.  C-Clamp
9.  Protective gloves

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  • Description

    Product Description


    1. Immerse the ends (approx 2“) of the 2 tubes in liquid nitrogen for a few moments, until the bromine solidifies.
    2. Remove the tubes from the liquid nitrogen.  Compare the rate of diffusion of the tube which contains a mixture of air and bromine with rate for tube with only bromine (marked ‘B’ on the top).

    Caution:  If a tube should break, avoid breathing the vapors or contacting the liquid.  (Evacuate room — call Environmental Health & Safety at x4697)