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Boyle’s Law (TC-E-BL)

Boyle’s Law (TC-E-BL)

Demonstrates that in a closed system pressure times volume is constant.


1.  Boyle’s law apparatus
2.  Air / Vacuum pump

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    1.  By slightly inclining the apparatus, set the ball at the 20 cm division.  When the ball reaches that division, put the apparatus back in a horizontal position.
    2.  Connect the vacuum hose to the nozzle of the apparatus.  Turn on the pump and adjust knob (A) until the gauge reads 0.5.
    3.  Record the position of the ball.
    4.  Disconnect the vacuum side and connect the air side of the pump.
    5.  Start the pump and adjust the valve until the gauge reads 2.
    6.  Record the position of the ball.