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Boyle’s Law, Hand Operated (TH-E-BH)

Boyle’s Law, Hand Operated (TH-E-BH)

Demonstrates that in a closed system: Pressure  x  Volume = a Constant.


1.  Boyle’s law apparatus (w/ hand-turned plunger)

To prepare this demo to be used the stockroom will do the following:

Turn the plunger until volume = 10.  Open valve (left end) so trapped air starts with 1 atmosphere of pressure.  Close valve.  Turn plunger outward until volume = 20 (Pressure reads 0.5).

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    1.  Point out to the students that at the start     Volume = 20     Pressure = .5
    2.  Turn the plunger inward until Volume = 10   Pressure = 1
    3.  Continue turning the plunger  inward until Volume = 5     Pressure = 2