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Boiling Water at Reduced Air Pressure (TH-E-BW)

Boiling Water at Reduced Air Pressure (TH-E-BW)

The reduced volume occupied by a cooling vapor results in a pressure reduction allowing water to boil at a low temperature.


1.  1000 ml flask
2.   3-finger & 90° clamp set
3.  Stopper & tubing set
4.  Meeker burner & striker
5.  Lab stand
6.  800 ml beaker
7.  Gloves
8.  Yellow & blue food coloring

Note:  The end of the tube should almost touch the bottom of the flask when in place.

This will NOT work w/ torch.  If no gas; use demo TH-C-BP

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    1.  Put 2 drops of yellow food coloring in the flask & fill with approx. 500 ml H2O.  Without stopper, bring to a boil. Put 2 drops of blue color in about 300 ml of H2O in the beaker.
    2.  When the water is boiling place the stopper set in the flask & immediately remove the heat.
    3.  Quickly invert the hot flask over the beaker containing cool blue water.
    4.  Watch as the partial vacuum above the hot H2O draws blue water into the flask.  As the cool H2O reduces vapor volume, boiling intensifies.