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Boiling Water at 60° (TH-C-BP)

Boiling Water at 60° (TH-C-BP)

Demonstrates boiling at reduced pressure.


1.  Sealed Franklin flask with water      (stored upside down as shown)
2.  Thermometer with stopper
3.  3-finger clamp
4.  90o clamp
5.  Lab stand
6.  Large coffee pot
7.  Ice

(Condensation reduces pressure enough to maintain water boiling down to ~40° C.)

  • Description

    Product Description


    DO NOT UNCORK THE FLASK–Water has been  boiled in the flask with top uncorked.  The heat source was then  removed, and the bottle corked immediately.

    1.  Warm the flask (still sealed) in hot water.  The thermometer should read near 80°C.
    2.  Reinvert the flask onto the lab stand and add ice to the dimple in the flask bottom.  As the water vapor condenses the pressure is reduced and the water will begin to boil.