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Blackbody Radiation of Steel (OP-A-BR)

Blackbody Radiation of Steel (OP-A-BR)

Shows the blackbody radiation of a heated object.


1.  Sony video camera
2.  BNC-RCA cable (Located in camera bag
3.  Telescope clamp
4.  Monitor on cart GP1 with UHF connector on back (leave as set)
5. Black cardboard screen with magnets
6.  Vice w/ nail
7.  Propane torch
8. 1 pole and 2 parallel clamps
9. Second pole

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  • Description

    Product Description


    1.  Set up as shown w/ crate, monitor and vice bungeed to the cart. Turn on camera and monitor. (Camera should be set to “night shot” and display should be off.)
    2.  Heat nail w/ the torch until it glows red.
    3.  As the nail cools and no longer glows, notice that the video camera will continue to pick up the infrared wavelengths.