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Bipolar Rods (EM-A-BR)

Bipolar Rods (EM-A-BR)

Demonstrates like and unlike charges.

1.  Special rods (not all are shown)
large acrylic-PVC combination
PVC rod
acrylic rod
thin acrylic-PVC combination
thin PVC rod
thin acrylic rod
metal rod
wooden rod
2.  Low friction pivot  (this may be found w/ magnets 238–I–3)
3.  Paper towel               

  • Description

    Product Description


    1.  Using the paper towel, charge both ends of a combination acrylic-PVC rod and place it on the swivel (the thin set works well on the overhead).
    2.  Again with the paper towel charge the acrylic rod. Bring it near the acrylic end of the mounted rod– it repels.  Bring it near the PVC end & it attracts.
    3.  Repeat with the PVC rod and any of the other rods you wish to try.